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    Wednesday, October 258:00 PM
    Opening Night
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    Thursday, October 268:00 PM
    Friday, October 277:00 PM
    Friday, October 279:00 PM
    Saturday, October 28NO PERFORMANCE
    Sunday, October 297:00 PM
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    Saturday, November 49:00 PM
    Sunday, November 54:00 PM
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    Tuesday March 277:00 PM
    Pay What You Can Preview
    Wednesday, March 288:00 PM
    Opening Night
    Reception Follows
    Thursday, March 298:00 PM
    Friday, March 308:00 PM
    Saturday, March 318:00 PM
    Sunday, April 12:00 PM
    Followed by Talk Back
    Monday, April 2NO PERFORMANCE
    Tuesday, April 37:00 PM
    Students night
    Followed by Talk Back and reception
    Wednesday, April 48:00 PM
    Thursday, April 58:00 PM
    Friday, April 68:00 PM
    Saturday, April 78:00 PM
    Sunday, April 82:00 PM
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    Tuesday, May 3

Tomorrow’s Child – Accessibility Companion Ticket


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Product Description

What is Companion Seating?

Companion seating allows audience members facing access barriers to the performance (such as blind, Deaf or those with a physical disability) to bring their own companions, to assist them with access and understanding. Such companions will receive a complimentary ticket.

Naturally, guide dogs or service dogs are welcome in the venue. It is possible for Deaf or hearing impaired patrons to bring a sign language interpreter.

Should you have any questions about companion seating or accessibility, please feel free to call Theatre Projects before the performance you have selected to attend. 204-989-2400

Additional Information

Accessibility Companion

Wednesday October 25, 8pm, Thursday, October 26, 8pm, Friday October 27, 7pm, Friday October 27, 9pm, Sunday, October 29, 7pm, Tuesday, October 31, 7pm, Wednesday November 1, 8pm, Thursday, November 2, 8pm, Friday November 3, 7pm, Friday November 3, 9pm, Saturday, November 4, 7pm, Saturday, November 4, 9pm, Sunday, November 5, 4pm

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