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by Patrick Friesen

Directed by Andraea Sartison

Featuring Tracey Nepinak as Crazy Bone

March 28 – April 8, 2018

Venue: Théâtre Cercle Molière – 340 Provencher

Tickets are 20% off until December 15th!

“Almost like it happened a long time ago and I was remembering…And then I wonder… was I being dreamed?”

Beloved Canadian poet Patrick Friesen’s new play awakens Crazy Bone, living on the outskirts of society in rural Manitoba shunned for her individuality, sexuality and for leaving her daughter. Crazy Bone is listening to the river, trying to find a way back to herself. She may be a trickster, a fool, a wild woman laughing, a campesino. It explores women’s mental health, hysteria and shock treatment in the mid-century. Yet it illuminates the continued challenges for women who are set apart by race, religion or sexuality. Or simply by their age.


The questions inherent in the piece are of a women’s place in society, spirituality and a quest for belonging. It is a poetic exploration of the prairie landscape, deeply rooted in our province’s settler and Indigenous identities and histories. The lead role of Crazy Bone will be played by actress Tracey Nepinak; one of Manitoba finest theatre artists.


This is a story that honours the women of our land by exploring how they have struggled, been marginalized, and by using art to celebrate their triumphant spirits that can guide a new generation towards understanding who we are on this land. It is a beautiful and difficult tale.  It is a Manitoba story.

Set Design Linda Beech

Lighting Design Itai Erdal

Sound Design Andrew Balfour

Costume Design Claire Thérèse Friesen

Choreography Tanja Woloshen

with David Arial, Zorya Arrow, Arne MacPherson and Tracy Penner

Stage Manager Jane Buttner

About Patrick Friesen

Patrick Friesen’s career spans three decades. He has published more than a dozen books of poetry, a book of essays and, with PerBrask, co-translations of several Danish poets, including Ulrikka Gernes. A lover of collaboration and live performance, Friesen has also written stage and radio plays, text for dance, and has recorded two CDs of spoken word and improv music with Marilyn Lerner.  His play, The Shunning, first produced by Prairie Theatre Exchange, was staged by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in 2011.  His upcoming play, also called a short history of crazy bone, will be produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba in 2018.


Tuesday, March 27, 7pm PWYD preview

Wednesday, March 28, 8pm Opening Night

Thursday, March 29, 8pm

Friday, March 30, 8pm

Saturday, March 31, 8pm

Tuesday, April 3, 8pm

Wednesday, April 4, 8pm

Thursday, April 5 8pm

Friday, April 6, 8pm

Saturday, April 7, 3pm and 8pm

Sunday, April 8, 2pm