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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Worth a peek

Theatre Projects Manitoba’s Age of Arousal offers up a hilarious look at love, lust and sexuality in 19th-century England A- AGE OF AROUSAL Theatre Projects Manitoba Until March 29, Rachel Browne Theatre Linda Griffiths’ uproarious take on the Victorian era, Age of Arousal, has found a perfect home with Theatre Projects Manitoba. Loosely based on […]

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Play wins arousing round of applause

By: Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press Photo Caption:  Krista Jackson, Patricia Hunter and Maggie Nagle snap, crackle and virtually pop out of their corsets. The Victorian era was no time to be a lady. Women were expected to be weak and helpless, their raison d’etre only to marry. That they largely outnumbered men in 1885 […]

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Loose women

Canadian playwright unlaces the corset of the Victorian age in popular new play The actress/playwright Linda Griffiths was pawing through the buck bin outside a Toronto used bookstore when she came upon a beat-up copy of The Odd Women.  After noting the author of the 1893 novel was somebody named George Gissing, she flipped it […]

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Sexier than a bare ankle

Sexier than a bare ankle Theatre Projects Manitoba’s production of Age of Arousal explores Victorian-era sexuality – but don’t expect a stuffy historical drama Barb Stewart – Uptown What if your innermost thoughts suddenly came popping out of your mouth?  You would probably be so horrified you would never leave the house – or open […]

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