Artist Driven Projects

Artist driven projects and new commissions we are supporting this season!



The collaboration was ignited when three neighbours (architect Dave Thomas (Peguis/Winnipeg), Avinash Muralidharan Pillai Saralakumari(Winnipeg)- Indian classical dance, and Jacquie Loewen (Winnipeg)- physical theatre creator) would gather in a backyard, safely, and tell stories around a fire.  With support from TPM, End of the West Collective is developing a Covid safe performance integrating puppets, masked dancers, and film, created expressly for a single audience member. Built to happen in communities starting this winter and popping up around the city throughout 2021.

Learn more about End of the West Collective from this interview with Jacquie Loewen.

Walk&Talk Theatre Company’s new music-theatre piece, END OF THE LINE which is their whimsical & imaginative take on end-the-world myths. Ben Townsely, Duncan Cox & Tanner Manson are collaborating artistically with other local music-theatre makers in the process of this ensemble show. Threads of this show started to weave together during the company’s artistic residency at the International Institute for Sustainable Development- Experimental Lakes Area in autumn of 2019 and the project hasn’t stopped growing since even before then, and will continue to do so this season. Learn more about Walk&Talk Theatre Company here. 

Ellen Peterson’s DAREDEVILS a piece inspired by the analogue world of ‘crankies’. 

Learn more about the artist here or read more about the creation process of DAREDEVILS

Top Banner Photo Credit: Patrick Friesen's "A Short History of Crazy Bone". Photo and lighting by Itai Erdal, Costume design by Claire Thérèse Friesen, Set by Linda Beech, ft. Zorya Arrow, Tracey Nepinak & Arne Macpherson.