Theatre Projects Manitoba recently received a Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategies Fund grant. Through this support we have been able to hire Joshua Banman, who will be working with the company this season. With Josh’s support, we are investigating podcasts, VR, online museums, video and online collaboration platforms. This project will expand accessibility and connect with new audiences!

Joshua Banman Technical Digital Director Joshua is an interdisciplinary storyteller, working with songwriting, acting, film and animation. After a decade working in the corporate sector with a focus on adult education, organizational change management, and software integration, Joshua has returned to the arts full time. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Manitoba where he was a member of The Black Hole Theatre. He is excited to engage with Winnipeg through art, hoping to influence audiences to imagine and think critically about a better future for everyone and how we get there.

I am so thrilled to be serving TPM in this capacity. Thinking about how we work together, perform, and learn through digital platforms was important before but is crucial during this season of social distancing. It’s a hard and sad time, but I’m glad to work this great team and to get the opportunity to be focusing on where we can use technology to innovate on how stories are told, whose stories are told, and ultimately coming out of COVID-19 with innovations that serve TPM and the Manitoban theatre community well.” -Joshua Banman, Technical Digital Director

Top Banner Photo Credit: Sarah Constible & Eric Blais in rehearsal for Lara Rae’s “Dragonfly”. Production design by Hugh Conacher, Costume design by Maureen Petkau.