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Hañwakañ Blaikie Whitecloud

Hañwakañ Blaikie Whitecloud with his wife, Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, and musician Daniel Jordan in front of the sign for the cable Ferry to take them to Matheson Island Filmmaker and skateboarder, Hañwakañ Blaikie Whitecloud, is one of the talented artists who is working with TPM to explore and connect with the Interlake region. Last week he and […]

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The Case of Juanita Sanchez

Retiring in the midst of the pandemic lockdown , a man tries to come to terms with his life’s work, the death of his infant son, and the failure of his marriage. Is he seeking the truth or dodging it? Written by Steven Ratzlaff, adapted from his play Last Man in Puntarenas A film adaptation […]

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Artist Stories

Steven Ratzlaff in TPM’s 2010 production of The Last Man in Puntarenas Playwright Steven Ratzlaff has adapted his short play Last Man in Puntarenas to video. Now titled The Case of Juanita Sanchez, this special screening will be available on Facebook Thursday June 4th at 7:00pm. (and on Vimeo after June 5th) Steven and dramaturg Bill Kerr sit down for a digital exchange to talk […]

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