All Manitobans deserve a voice. We will strive to represent the diverse social fabric of this province and the communities within it by providing a platform for theatre artists to express themselves and tell their stories.


In the process of creating opportunities for theatre artists to express themselves, we will be guided by the intention to reduce existing social barriers so that the field for creation is equal, and open to all.

In order to realize our intention we will make extra effort to listen to our audiences, particularly those from underserved communities.


We adhere to the concept of ensemble, because we know that strong relationships based in respect, trust and collaboration can create beauty.

In order to create a fertile ground for the development of ensemble, we need to approach the artists, audiences, partners, supporters, and the communities in which we work with respect, trust and open minds.


We acknowledge the need to adapt and transform our work to reach beyond existing traditional boundaries which are oftentimes invisible.

The best way to accomplish this is to respond to the ideas and needs of our artists and the communities we serve in a flexible, open and nimble fashion.


We know we need to expand our horizons. Let us take the lessons of yesterday and join together to build a tomorrow which will challenge the status quo and embrace social change.