Artist Meetings 

TPM is holding meetings with artists on a monthly basis through the summer and fall. This is a time to share your artistic practice or to express your desire to work on TPM’s production and design teams. We are looking to meet artists from many communities, backgrounds and artistic practices.

This call is open to artists across the disciplines – performers, visual artists, producers, writers, creators, and those whose work intersects with artists. Artists and colleagues who have worked with us before are also encouraged to book a time to meet with Ardith. We miss you. Let’s connect! 

Artists are invited to pre-submit materials that will help us learn more about you and your artistic practice. This can be a resume or other written introduction. You are welcome to submit samples of your artistic work in any form – this is optional and not required.

TPM is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable working environment. TPM encourages submissions from those who self-identify as members of under-represented communities. 

Meetings will be held in person and online by Artistic Director Ardith Boxall 

Submission Deadline: Friday August 21st, 2020 

Zoom Meetings: Tuesday August 25th, 2020 

In Person Meetings: Wednesday August 26th, 2020

Email submission to: [email protected]
(Please put Meeting with Ardith in the subject line)

For Performing Artists – Actors, Dancers, Writers, Musicians, Creators
*(It is not required to have everything in the list below – these are just options of how you can you can introduce yourself)

– Resume and headshot 

And one or more of the following options that best showcase your skills 

– Optional submission of video or images showcasing your talents 

– Option to do a general audition (one monologue or song) – Submission of writing or music sample 

*Submit a Maximum of 4 minutes for video and sound, 5 images, and/or 5 pages of written submission. 

For Production, Design, and Graphic Artists 

– Resume / Portfolio/ Website

Theatre Projects Manitoba was founded in 1990 as an artist-driven organization and a theatre-at-large, using a variety of venues for performance locations. Committed to the cultivation of Canadian Theatre, in the past 30 years TPM has staged more than 50 new Manitoban works. 

TPM’s objectives are twofold: To develop and produce theatre that illuminates the human condition as well as to provide challenging opportunities for the growth of the artists of this region