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365 And Doing Fine: An Artist Reflects #3

  I turned thirty. Ahhhhhh, I’m thirty. And thriving. Everyone told me I should have taken the day off to celebrate. I disagreed. I have the best job in the world and I wanted to work. (Part of me feels like I should tell you that I needed to work to pay my bills, but […]

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A New Blog “365 And Doing Fine”

Follow along in our Blog section as Joanne Roberts reflects on being an artist in all that was 2020.  

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365 And Doing Fine: An Artist Reflects #2

Every so often during rehearsals for Good Night Desdemona, I would put on the Juliet dresses and look at myself in the mirror. Having this literally be my dream role since I saw a live performance in 2005, I thought I’d have a reaction that was very different to the one I was actually having. […]

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An Interview with End of the West Collective

 End of the West Collective, is a collaboration between three West End neighbours,  (Dave Thomas, Avinash Muralidharan Pillai Saralakumari and Jacquie Loewen). They have been safely gathering in a backyard and telling stories around a fire, which is how this collective was ignited! With support from TPM, End of the West is developing a Covid […]

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365 And Doing Fine: An Artist Reflects #1

Blog #1: January 2021 by Joanne Roberts A year ago, I was an actor. Now, 365-ish days later and a whole other world apart, I think I’m something else. I used to believe that an artist’s life meant continuously hustling for that next job and staying laser-focused as we did so. While that isn’t totally […]

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Interlake Winter Warm-Up Workshops!

Do you live in Manitoba’s Interlake and have a creative itch to scratch? Well then, Theatre Projects Manitoba has got you covered! Introducing our Winter Warm-Up Workshops – free weekly creative workshops (delivered digitally) for Interlake participants led by some of our amazing Chautauqua artists!     Every Thursday from November 5th until December 10, TPM will […]

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