Design for Non-Designers Coffee Date #2

10:30am-12:30pm, April 27th
Forth Cafe

Diving into design with Red Earth lighting designer, the Siminovitch Prize nominated Itai Erdal (Vancouver).

Hosted by Rea Kavanagh, General Manager of Theatre Projects Manitoba, this is a conversational-style workshop open to all; but, especially geared towards theatre artists who aren’t primarily designers: directors, actors, playwrights and administrators.

What is the purpose of lighting in the theatre beyond making actors visible? What is the language of lighting, how can it be manipulated and integrated at any stage of creation or production? What is the process of creating a design for a show? What is best practice in collaborating with a lighting designer?

Discuss these questions and more (and probably a whole lot of great stories), with visiting lighting designer Itai Erdal.

The goal of the workshop is to unpack the theatrical process from a design perspective in order to highlight the importance of a designer’s role in production and inspire non-designers with new ways and best practice to collaborate with a design team.
Another coffee date will be held the week prior to demystifying projection design, live video and digital art for the stage with AZMA Digital: Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola (Calgary), Projection & Animation Designers of Red Earth.

$30 workshop fee

$40 workshop + ticket to the show

$50 to attend both Coffee Dates

$60 to attend both Coffee Dates + a ticket to the show