This Land Floods tour


How can you take a masterpiece and make it your own? What are the foundations of collective collaboration? What can devised theatre look like?

One Trunk LogoUsing excerpts of Chekhov short stories as a launching point, participants will be led through a variety of content generating exercises based on the work of One Trunk Theatre, Ghost River Theatre, Cowgirl Opera and Wyrd Productions.

The three day workshop will introduce participants to new methods of creating theatre, including non traditional and collaborative text-generation, visual approaches to storytelling and physical theatre.

Ideal for performers interested in creating their own work, including students, emerging artists or industry professionals. Participants should have a thorough understanding of theatre, and interest in expanding their practice.

When is it?

  • Friday, Feb 7: 6-9 PM
  • Saturday, Feb 8: 10 AM-6 PM
  • Sunday, Feb 9: 1:30-10PM

Where is it?

STUDIO 320: 70 Albert Street

What’s the cost?

$60 for professionals, $40 students & participants in Master Playwright Festival

How do I register?

Email us or call 204-989-2400 – we’ll make it happen!