introducing emma tibaldo

Emma_headshot_retouchWe are so pleased to welcome the very talented and accomplished Emma Tibaldo. We’re feeling pretty lucky to have snagged her from her busy schedule of theatre-making in Montreal! She co-directs Reservations alongside Winnipeg-based artist and educator, Ian Ross. Read on to learn more about Emma’s work, passion for new plays, and punk music.

Your work in Montreal with Talisman Theatre and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal is primarily with new Canadian plays, and Reservations is no exception. What draws you to new scripts?

Ideas. Ideas on what it means to be human, including our ability to be inhuman. An ability to see the world differently. That is what attracts me to new work.

What challenges you about working on Reservations? What excites you?

The fact that we are creating two plays. Inhabiting two separate worlds with the same actors playing different characters in each play. Finding the ways in which the plays speak to each other and exploring prevailing attitudes towards First Nation issues of Land claims and Child and Family Services without underplaying the bonds of family, love and our human need for making connections.

Working with plays in development excites me. Grappling with ideas in space for the first time.

What do you do when you’re not creating art?

I am Artistic Director of a New Play Development Centre, Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal…so always in the process of creating art.

Any interesting projects coming up for you?

I am collaborating on a new project called Skin with Leslie Baker and the company The Bakery. Created using Viewpoints over a two year process.

Rumour has it you are part of a family band, The Tibaldos. What kind of music do you perform?

So, the family band is made up of my husband and two friends. We have been playing in our basement and playing shows locally for about 10 years. We call it lounge punk but it really is punk. We are all lovers of noise. And we are happiest when we get together to make that noise.