Introducing Karl Thordarson

Karl Thordarson- HeadshotWe are so tickled to present One Trunk Theatre’s I Dream of Diesel, we just have to gush more about the artists! Today we introduce you to the lovely Karl Thordarson, who plays Diesel’s Danny.

How did you first become involved in theatre?

I’m not the only one who I’ve heard say this, but it was actually Arne’s (co-performer in Diesel) performance in Richard III that I saw as a teen that made me wanna be an actor. I’d later done some film work and studied camera and lighting a bit out in Vancouver but ultimately wasn’t inspired by the work, it wasn’t until I moved back here, to pursue an education in horticulture actually, that I recalled that guy from the show at the ruins and decided to re-explore that dream. I’ve since found the theatre community here to be very inspiring and was extremely proud to have the opportunity to perform in SIR’s return to the Ruins in Henry V.   


What is your favourite thing about being a theatre artist? 

I love the complexity of the work. I really enjoy the problem solving nature of the craft- sorting through the demands of how a story is told with both physical and emotional precision- it’s quite an intellectual endeavor.

What is your experience with devised theatre? 

My wife and I penned, performed and produced a show with our kids, who were 9 and 1 at the time, for the Fringe a few years back – Etoile a KDSZ show. That project had us immersed in every aspect of the show- collaboration on the script, designing, choreographing, dressing and scoring as well as child rearing all at once. A wild endeavour, for which I am proud to have done with my wife, and a great experience that has helped to inform myself on how we can go about mounting this sort of production.

What strikes you most about the experience of working on I Dream of Diesel?

The teamwork involved, its a truly collaborative process with talented and skillful artists. Also great fun was getting to have my son Zsigunnar appear in a video section as young Joe. He loved the idea, as do I, of us playing brothers.

Care to tell us more about any other job(s) you may have when you’re not creating theatre?

I finished that education in horticulture and now work for the city parks division as a technician. Its a dream job actually. I handle a pretty diverse portfolio related to the development, use and maintenance of our parks/

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Stanley Cup winning hockey player. Turns out I got to lift the actual Avco Cup in an on ice celebration, as an actor.

Any upcoming projects?

Arne and Daina and I are working on some salon style readings for Nuna (now) of plays originally written in Icelandic, by Guttomur Guttormson the poet of New Iceland, recently translated and published by my sister Elin.

Tell us more about your family.

My lovely family includes my wife Daina, a talented performer and designer and a great mom, my stepdaughter Tiva, a remarkable young lady, who is heading to Finland this summer to compete in an aerial dance competition and our little Zsigunnar, an adorable, sweet and clever young ruffian.