Welcome to our 2018- 2019 Season!

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Join us for our 28th season! We’ll be celebrating Manitoban talent and stories, and are launching our most enormous project to date: This Land Floods, the Interlake Chautauqua.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Chautauquas traveled across the prairies, bringing diverse cultural programming to rural communities. Lectures, concerts, performances and demonstrations gathered the citizens together under one big tent for delightful artistic exchanges.

This fall we bring to life a modern- day Chautauqua. A merry band of multidisciplinary artists will go on the road together for one month, conducting one week long residencies in four Interlake locations: Steep Rock, Arborg, Eriksdale and Teulon. While the artists reside in the community they will collaborate with local citizens through workshops, art projects, and performances. From striking up a choir to hosting old time dances with seniors and high school students, and from performing the exceptional play Mary’s Wedding by Canadian playwright Stephen Massicotte to co-hosting vinarterta workshops, the programming in each week is built with the community, for the community.

And it’s all for free!

Come and join us on the road, see what we have been working on with the citizens of the Interlake- and get to know one of the most well-loved regions of our province.

For more information like dates and locations visit: This Land Floods: The Interlake Chautauqua Tour

In November, Mary’s Wedding will return from tour for a run in Winnipeg. Set in Western Canada during the First World War, Mary’s Wedding is the story of a recent English immigrant to Canada and a young farmer’s romance that unfolds through a series of dreamlike memories, punctuated by the innocence of new love, the courage of youth and the cruelty of fate.

2014-2018 marks the Centenary of the Great War, the 100th Anniversary of Armistice (November 11th, 2018) and the Battle of Moreuil Wood. Mary’s Wedding honours these historic events, how they shaped the lives of Canadians at that time, and the lives lost in battle. The play is directed by local actor and director, Sarah Constible.

In the New Year, we’ll bring two new works to Winnipeg audiences: Dragonfly and Red Earth.

Dragonfly is an original and poetic work, by award winning TV and radio writer, performer and host Lara Rae. In the play, Lara tells the raw and heartfelt story of her half century long (and counting) gender odyssey. Two actors, one male, one female, illuminate the inner life of a trans woman from her Scottish childhood in the 1960’s to the present day. Directed by TPM’s artistic director, Ardith Boxall, Dragonfly is a call to all of us to forge creativity from chaos.

To close the season Theatre Projects presents the world premiere of Red Earth from One Trunk Theatre (I Dream of Diesel) directed by Andraea Sartison (A Short History of Crazy Bone). Red Earth is a five year graphic novel and theatre investigation and the launch of its companion piece: a graphic novel by GMB Chomichuk. As earth self-destructs, the audience witnesses the final effort of the human species’ survival: three astronauts sent to start over on Mars. While each has their own reason for accepting the mission, none are prepared for the consequences that await them on the red planet. A story of legacy, discovery and what makes us human.

“The plays and artists on our stage this season dig deep into the human experience.  They will reach into the past to bring us face to face with moments we may have forgotten. They will ride the razor’s edge of the present in a quest for love and understanding. And they will catapult our very souls into the future. This season is built to remind us that we are powerful creatures, resilient survivors and intrepid explorers, and that there is no limit to what we are capable of.”   

                                                                                                                         –Ardith Boxall

Sprinkled throughout the season Theatre Projects will continue its popular salon series, with a twist. Salons will feature partnerships with other Winnipeg cultural organizations, and offer opportunities for professional development, workshops and networking leading up to performances held at The Good Will Social Club. Stay tuned for details!