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Why ‘Encounters’? After some of the performances we will have what more traditional theatre calls “talk backs”. Our intrepid writer/performers are interested in doing something “with” the audience. “Talk Withs” may be a better way of describing it. Sydney, Elsa and Fraz would like to talk, laugh and share ideas with our patrons. There will be painting, dancing, cocktails and time travel. There will be a sharing of space, ideas and energy. We will meet each other.

Below is a schedule of our five post-show Encounters. Each will offer something difference, each promises to entertain and inspire!

Saturday January 9th

Q&A Three Way – Getting to Know You with Syd, Elsa and Fraz

Sunday January 10th (licensed)

Cocktails in the Hive – Story Time and Mixer- How Sydney and Elsa created Village Ax

Tuesday January 12

Vision Quest 2016 – Making Art & Life- When Fraz Met Sydney

Friday January 15 (licensed)

Dance Dance RevolutionA Licensed Artistic Exchange

Sunday January 17th

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose