Refugee Panel Discussion

Do you wonder what the experience of Refugees in our province is like?  We do!  Bashir Lazhar gives us the story of a political refugee seeking asylum in Canada – in his case, Montreal, Quebec.  We see it isn’t easy going, but it’s somewhat familiar to the audience – we are, after all, a nation of newcomers.  But there are differences to the experience of immigrants over generations, and chasms between one experience and another – choosing to immigrate is a far cry from arriving as a political refugee.  And doing outreach for Bashir Lazhar has given us an opportunity to connect with many of the individuals and organizations who serve our newcomers.  So, we decided to take the pulse of this community – to hear about the concerns, triumphs and unique challenges that refugees face in Manitoba and Winnipeg.

We will convene a panel discussion at the Free Press Café at 6:30 PM on Wednesday March 20th.  The discussion will be moderated by CBC’s Sean Kavanagh and the panel will consist of Abdikheir Ahmed-  Interim Executive Director at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) Inc.; Damarys Ramirez- Manager of Inland Protection at Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council and Bashir Khan, an Immigration and Refugee lawyer in Winnipeg and a member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Bios soon to come.