Pathways of Home; A Reflection of Selkirk

Pathways of Home; A Reflection of Selkirk

Shayna Pollock explores the concept of residence in relation to the living spaces within her home community of Selkirk and its surrounding areas, in this performative installation. This work highlights the use of clay and glass as a medium to invite contemplation through an imagined space of ancestral pathways in contrast to the present.

Installation: September 25 at Selkirk Waterfront, Afternoon

About Shayna Pollock

With years of self directed art and design experience Shayna Pollock started off sketching and painting still lifes and portraits; having her first work of a Ukrainian Cossack displayed as a young child. Choosing to expand on her talents she spent many years honing her soft design skills through clothing design, pattern making and upholstery. Deciding to further pursue design she obtained a Bachelor of Design degree in Industrial Design at Emily Carr University in 2020 while exploring other various art forms. There she discovered how therapeutic and tactile ceramics could be, and realized her love for expression and exploration through installation, sound art and photography.

As a multidisciplinary artist and designer who enjoys working within various mediums, she creates visually contextual work, mainly focused on photography. To Shayna, photography is a way to speak, express, explore, engage, and understand an experience as a whole. Subject matter changes as she explores her thoughts based on experiences and interactions from the past and present. As an industrial designer she finds it isn’t about making something completely new, it’s about reevaluating how we currently create, interact and how it affects the world around us. It is important to her to create meaningful, intentional products, feeling an empathic eye is needed to conduct research and consider the needs of each item as it is designed. She tends to offer up a different view due to a multiple chemical sensitivity with a desire to create objects of substance for the public sector. As a Metis person hailing from a small town in Manitoba and growing up with endless fields surrounding her, she feels very strongly linked to the plains land she is from.



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