Video: Chautauqua the Interlake Trail(er)!

In 2018, a merry band of artists began creating and traveling in Manitoba’s beloved Interlake region- building relationships, creating art and eventually setting out on a four week tour- living in residence in the community and hosting over 150 events in less than a month!

We return to our friends in the region between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg with The Interlake Trail- exploring the highways and hidden pathways that connect both urban and rural citizens.

A team of ten artists have spent the winter/spring months creating new art projects inspired by the region’s stories and in collaboration with its citizens. Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail will feature virtual projects and live experiences over the coming months. Built for adaptation in this volatile and unpredictable time, 10 new art projects will premiere between June and November 2020. Dance, music, theatre, visual art, storytelling, virtual reality and live.

Watch: Chautauqua Interlake Trail(er)

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