“Witty, energetic, racy!”

The Miser reviews are coming in! We just love this thoughtful and delightful piece by Chandra Mayor for The Winnipeg Review. She writes:

“Inspired by Moliere’s L’Avare and structured as an homage to the stylish screwball movie comedies of the ’30s, Gray’s script is a comedy of manners with no manners at all. It’s witty, energetic, mildly racy, and well-paced, including jokes about the Fort Garry Hotel, vibrators, lobster-throwing… and money. Director Krista Jackson keeps the show zipping from line to smart-aleck line, maintaining that taut divide between farce and comedy. This production allows the actors to fully exploit their proficiencies with physical comedy, including a dinner party during which the well-dressed guests are seated on giant rolling pilates balls.”

 For the whole piece, please visit The Winnipeg Review’s website. Thanks, Chandra!