Joseph Pilapil CollageCommunity Mural Project by Joseph Pilapil 






Designed and painted in collaboration with students from St. Laurent, Arborg, and Riverton and the City of Selkirk, these murals are permanently installed in each town!

Thank you to the participating students and teachers from Arborg Collegiate Institute, Riverton Collegiate Institute and St. Laurent School for your creativity and enthusiasm!

A special shout out to the City of Selkirk and our partners Ellie Longbottom, and Shelly Leonard who collaborated with Joseph in the design of their community mural.


Joseph Selkirk Mural

Special Acknowledgements
Peter Hall & Ivan Hall



Joseph St. Laurent Mural

Special Acknowledgements
Crystal Millar-Courchene, Roland Bruce
and Michif French: as spoken by most Michif people of St. Laurent



Joseph Riverton Mural

Special Acknowledgements
Erin Furgala



Joseph Arborg Mural

Special Acknowledgements
Rachel Orbanski
Kira Bedard, Kylee Emms-Finnsson, Natasha English, Rykeir Kraus, Emmanuel Magaway, Nevaeh Menzie, Nevaeh Munroe, Amy Platt
Larissa Caldeira, Emilee Danielson, Bailey Fillion, Adriana Gislason, Miranda Gislason, Jordyn Hyrcuk, Gemma Orbanski, and Anne-Drew Sigurdson



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