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  • TPM 2019/20 Season Announcement!


    2019_2020 Season Announcement coming soon! (3)

    We are excited to share details for 2019/2020, our 29th season!

    This is a year for laughter and love; a time for magical journeys and difficult roads. This winter comes with two boldly theatrical plays; a beloved Canadian classic and a home-grown World Premiere.

    This season explores re-invention and transformation; the joys and struggles of embracing life in the face of great uncertainty. Abraham Heschel, one of the most influential scholarly rabbis of the 20th Century said:

    “As civilization advances, the sense of wonder declines…life without wonder is not worth living. What we lack is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder.”

    This season embraces story telling that aides us in this search for wonder, awe and mystery. There is power here.


    Good Night Desdemona
    (Good Morning Juliet)

    by Ann-Marie MacDonald – A saucy & wickedly smart Canadian classic!
    Part of RMTC’s Shakespeare Fest

    January 31st to February 15th, 2020
    Colin Jackson Theatre (at PTE)

    Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) is an exuberant comedy and feminist revisioning of Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet. It takes us from a dusty office in Canada’s Queen’s University, into the fraught and furious worlds of two of Shakespeare’s best-known tragedies, and turns them upside-down.

    Constance Ledbelly is the beleaguered “spinster” academic, and  unlikely heroine who embarks on a quest for Shakespearean origins and, ultimately, her own identity. When she deciphers an ancient and neglected manuscript, Constance is propelled through a very modern rabbit hole and lands smack in the middle of the tragic turning points of each play in turn. Her attempts to save first Desdemona, then Juliet, from their harrowing fates, result in a wild unpredictable ride through comedy and near-tragedy, as mild-mannered Constance learns to love, sword-fight, dance Renaissance-style, and master a series of disguises.

    Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) is a gender-bendy, big-hearted and crazily intelligent romp, where irony and anger sing in perfect harmony with innocence and poignancy.

    Michelle Boulet (Founding member of SIR, Timon of Athens, Henry V) directs a cast of five actors – playing 16 characters – Featuring RobYn Slade as Constance Ledbelly.  With Tom Keenan, Ryan Miller, Laura Olafson and Joanne Roberts rounding out ensemble.ann-marie_macdonald_3

    Ann-Marie MacDonald is one of Canada’s beloved literary figures –  dramatist, novelist, host and creator.  She is the author of Fall on Your Knees, The Way the Crow Flies, Belle Morale, The Attic, The Pearls and the Three Fine Girls, and more!

    quantum pic

    Five Moments

    By Rick Chafe – A Theatre Projects Manitoba Premiere!

    April 23rd to May 3rd, 2020 
    Théâtre Cercle Molière

    Directed by Ardith Boxall
    Production Dramaturg and Artistic Collaborator – Andraea Sartison

    A new play commissioned by Theatre Projects Manitoba, Five Moments is a thrilling hybrid of domestic fabulism, time travel, and story theatre.

    Phoebe and Jack are married. They have had a child. They have been very happy. They have had their sorrows. Phoebe and Jack have a time machine. And they are re-evaluating spending the rest of their lives together.

    Five Moments experiments with new forms in this playful, searing “what if” scenario of love and loss.

    Five Moments is a serious game for lovers in a dangerous time.Rick Chafe Head shot

    Rick Chafe – Five Moments is Rick’s third play for Theatre Projects after co-writing last season’s TPM/One Trunk Theatre presentation multi-media sci-fi graphic novel for stage, Red Earth,  as well as The Last Man and Woman on Earth.  Rick’s plays have been produced across the country, including Strike! co-written with Danny Schur (Rainbow Stage), Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts and The Secret Mask (PTE), Shakespeare’s Dog (RMTC/NAC), The Odyssey (SIR) and Beowulf (Two Planks and a Passion).

    January salonSalon Series

    The popular cabaret nights are back!

    Salons will continue to be a place for the community to share ideas, showcase artists, explore art forms through performance, sing, dance and play.

    Watch for dates & times!


  • AUDITION NOTICE – Five Moments

    Time sensitive submission date


    Five Moments

    By Rick Chafe

    Director: Ardith Boxall

    Production Dramaturg: Andraea Sartison

    Part of TPM’s 2019/20 Season



    Rehearsals: Monday March 16, 2020

    Preview: Wednesday April 22, 2020

    Opening: Thursday April 23, 2020

    Closing: Sunday May 3, 2020



    Wednesday July 24 with call backs on Thursday July 25th


    Video Pool – Artspace Building, 100 Arthur St., Second Floor


    PHOEBE – actor plays Phoebe spanning 20 to 45/50 years old.

    JACK – actor plays Jack spanning 20 to 45/50 years old.

    Late 30s to 50s being the casting range.


    Phoebe and Jack are married. They can travel back and forth in time. They may also travel through different dimensions and universes. They have had a child. They have been very happy. They have had their sorrows. They are re-evaluating the possibility of spending the rest of their lives together.

    TPM is committed to diverse, inclusive casting and these roles are open to actors of any ethnicity. TPM encourages submissions from artists who self-identify as members of under-represented communities.

    NOTE: The script and/or excerpts and sides will be emailed with confirmation of an audition time.


    Artistic Director, Ardith Boxall at [email protected]

    Please include a current photo and resume together as one PDF if possible. Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition time and sides.

  • MAC 2019 Prizes in the Arts Reception recap and Season Announcement Teaser

    MAC Arts award postManitoba Arts Council’s very first Connecting Creative Communities Prize

    On Tuesday June 18th 2019, at a lovely reception at The Forks Market, Theatre Projects Manitoba was honoured with one of four new Manitoba Arts Council prizes celebrating excellence in the arts in Manitoba.

    A huge shout out to Merle and Patricia Klyne of Ashern, who nominated TPM for the Connecting Creative Communities Prize for last fall’s Interlake Chautauqua Tour.

    Many special guests came down from the Interlake to attend the party!

    In attendance with Merle and Patsy were Beverly Johnson and Bev Janke from Steep Rock. Our friends Marlene Taylor and Alice Bjornson from Arborg were joined by Christine Tronrud, Amy Dellebuur, Marge Johnson and Bert and Kathy Campbell from Teulon.

    TPM board members Bill Kerr and Dr. Ray Singer, General Manager Rea Kavanagh and Chautauqua outreach assistant Liam Zarrillo rounded out the awesome crew of TPM rufflers, along with artists Sarah Constible, Sarah Flynn, Daniel Jordan, Chris Sousa and Claire Terese Friesen.

    Accepting the prize on behalf of all was artistic director Ardith Boxall and associate artist Andraea Sartison!

    Thank you to all our collaborators and friends in the Interlake, the Manitoba Arts Council, and to our intrepid touring artists whose hearts and talents blazed a new trail under the big sky!

    We were sorry to miss Andy Blicq, Justin Fry, Heitha Forsyth, Sydney Hayduk, Duncan Mercredi, Scott Nolan, Daniel Peloquin – Hopfner, and William Prince!

    Read more about the MAC award and award winners here!

    2019-06-18 18.21

    L to R: Hon. Cathy Cox, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, Award winners, Helga Jakobson, Ardith Boxall, Andraea Sartison, Crystal Kolt, Marie Josée Dandeneau and MAC Chair, Roberta Christianson

    2019-06-18 18.24Ardith with Burt and Kathy Campbell from Teulon, MB

    2019-06-18 18.25

    L to R: Ardith Boxall, Chris Sousa, Christine Tronrud, Marge Johnson, Sarah Flynn, Andraea Sartison and Daniel Jordan.

    2019-06-18 18.22 (1)

    TPM’s Artistic Director Ardith Boxall and Associate Artist Andraea Sartison

    Patsy and Merle Klyne

    Our community champions – Merle and Patricia Klyne – in action on the Chautauqua in Steep Rock, Manitoba! Thank you!

    “The Chautauqua Tour was a massive, visionary, and risky undertaking. TPM created something original and thoughtful, while building respectful community connections and relationships. Interlake artists and community members participated alongside Chautauquay tour facilitators to explore and celebrate a mutual interest in the development of the arts in rural Mb. This project truly embodied the heart and soul of community connections.”
    – Patricia & Merle Klyne (MAC 2019 Prizes in the Arts nominators)

    2019_2020 Season Announcement coming soon! (2)

    We are getting teasingly close to announcing our 2019/20 Season! Before you all get blissfully distracted by the Winnipeg Fringe Festival…. all will be revealed!

    What we can tell you is that the fabulous outgoing artistic director of Shakespeare in the Ruins, Ms. Michelle Boulet, will be directing our first production opening on January 31st, 2020! The play is written by one of Canada’s beloved literary figures – she is both dramatist and novelist. This saucy and wickedly smart play will heat things up in the dark, cold winter. A Canadian Classic that founding artistic director Harry Rintoul would approve! Casting and creative team announcements with full press release!

    season teaser photos

    Our second offering of the season is a world premiere by one of Manitoba’s very own scribes! This gem has been in our secret development chamber just simmering, waiting to head into a final year of hands on creation! We are putting the finishing touches on the team right now – and then this new play hits warp speed development this fall and winter. Surrounding this Manitoba creator for the creative process will be the cast, designers, dramaturg and director Ardith Boxall.

    Next news is all the news! Can’t wait to share it with you!


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