Theatre Projects Manitoba is right here; gathered around a roaring art-fire. And right now we are planning, plotting and conjuring new stories and exploring modes of storytelling. We are in the studio, online, and out on the land. Although this wasn’t how we expected to celebrate TPM’s 30th Birthday (we didn’t have a chance to announce this milestone season before stages went dark), our team has been working hard to transform our programming with a robust commitment to engaging Manitoba communities and artists to help us make it a stellar year! We are happy to share news about our revised and reimagined season activities.

TPM’s 30th Anniversary season is focused on the journey to our June 2021 tour and celebration- The Chautauqua: Interlake Trail, and along the path we are creating and sharing artist-led initiatives, developing  some wonderful new works, and offering accessible skill-building workshops in all sorts of creative disciplines, and more!

Our projects are explorations and experiments in community engagement, the investigation of new artistic practice and traditional dramatic storytelling – Creators will always be the heart of our work at TPM. We make theatre that is Right Here. Right Now. – Ardith Boxall, Artistic Director.


The collaboration was ignited when three neighbours (architect Dave Thomas (Peguis/Winnipeg), Avinash Muralidharan Pillai Saralakumari (Winnipeg)- Indian classical dance, and Jacquie Loewen (Winnipeg)- physical theatre creator) would gather in a backyard, safely, and tell stories around a fire.  With support from TPM, End of the West Collective is developing a Covid safe performance integrating puppets, masked dancers, and film, created expressly for a single audience member. Built to happen in communities starting this winter and popping up around the city throughout 2021.

Learn more about End of the West Collective from this interview with Jacquie Loewen.


This season, we are excited to navigate The Chautauqua: Interlake Trail in this new landscape- to extend our reach to our Interlake pals in the safest way! Our hosts are: Arborg, Riverton, Selkirk, Eriksdale and their neighbouring communities. We look forward to sharing all of the projects in Winnipeg as well! We expect our June 2021 programming to be a mix of micro performances in outdoor spaces, and digital sharing, so the project can adapt to health regulations as prescribed during this touring period. Learn more and meet our artists!


We have recently welcomed Joshua Banman to our team as Technical Digital Director, to oversee our season long investigation of digital processes. Learn more about Josh and our plans here!


We will be launching another round of free Winter Workshops as the new year rolls in for both Winnipeg artists and Interlakers – including “Clowndations” – digital clown workshops for all led by Ady Kay and supported by Clown Extraordinaire Alissa Watson. Learn more here.


Artistic Director Ardith Boxall and Associate Producer Emily Solstice Tait held a series of artist meetings this summer & fall. One project that has sprung from these meetings is the commissioning of End of the West Collective, which is architect Dave Thomas (Peguis/Winnipeg), Avinash Muralidharan Pillai Saralakumari(Winnipeg)- Indian classical dance, and Jacquie Loewen (Winnipeg)- physical theatre creator- creating a performance for solo audience.

We continue to support the development of commissions by Walk & Talk Theatre Company & Ellen Peterson.

Learn about these projects and more on here!


Beyond these exciting artistic projects, TPM is in the midst of Transformation! The board and staff are devoting time to strategic planning, anti-racist theatre practices, and planning the future of the company.  You can learn about these plans here A Path Forward

We look forward to sharing this season with you, and will keep you posted as the projects develop!