End of the Line by Walk&Talk Theatre Company

May 2 – 12, 2024

Asper Centre for Theatre and Film – University of Winnipeg – 400 Colony St.


A co-production with Walk&Talk Theatre Company

Created by Walk&Talk Theatre Company

Written by Ben Townsley

Music/Lyrics by Duncan Cox

Movement Score by Tanner Manson


End of the Line is a new musical that tells the story of Heart City – a coastal community destroyed in an instant as a dam breaks and a river crashes through countless lives on its way to rejoin the sea. We follow the interwoven stories of eight strangers and their subtle self discoveries as they discover their most authentic selves just before they are destroyed. With one final party, we celebrate the life and the death of Heart City.

A new piece of theatre filled with catchy songs & thoughtful lyrics, bursting at the seam with evocative & hilarious text, and brought to life with innovative staging and choreography. The performing ensemble is filled with Winnipeg’s fiercest young performers who are making waves as they hit the scene: singer-songwriters, opera singers, dance artists and more!

Featuring a wonderful team of hometown heroes: Written by Ben Townsley, Music/Lyrics by Duncan Cox, Movement Score by Tanner Manson, Directed by Andraea Sartison, Music Direction by Paul De Gurse, and an ensemble of fresh feisty talent (Kamal Chioua, Duncan Cox, Victoria Hill, Montana Lehman, Tanner Manson, Hera Nalam, Ben Townsley, and Jean van der Merwe) this is a party you don’t want to miss!

“End of the Line has been a labour of love from everyone involved. Walk&Talk is so excited to be a part of this iconic moment with Theatre Projects Manitoba as their first premier of a new musical! This show pulls on all the right heartstrings and plays them to create earworms that will get stuck in your head. This is everything you want in theatre: laughs, good music, and a loveable-but-gross pool salesman.”

-Tanner Manson, Artistic Producer – Walk&Talk Theatre Company


WARNING: Use of haze, fog, strobe / flashing lights in the show


Meet the End of the Line artists!

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Development supported by:

Manitoba Association of Playwrights


**We will not require proof of vaccination nor require you wear a mask, though both practices are strongly recommended.**

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