Teeny Tiny Projects

Our Teeny Tiny Projects were a micro-commission for our 2021-2022 Theatre Maker Cohort to create short-film/short-form content. Created collaboratively amongst the cohort and Theatre Projects Manitoba, the videos were a combination of mentorship, professional development and a chance for these emerging artists to build up their body of work.

The best part? Each Teeny Tiny Project is available to watch anytime on TPM’s YouTube!


The Projects

Bakunawa (https://youtu.be/106MR8ZU5Gk)

Eventide (https://youtu.be/J4L69pB6JJk)

Tales from the Assiniboine Cryptozoological Society: Rupert’s Quest (https://youtu.be/RGaIdi1dwZs)

For full credits for each piece, please see the caption in the individual YouTube video


The 2021-2022 Theatre-Maker Cohort

Brady Barrientos

Kristian Cahatol

Kamal Chioua

Artie Lorraine

Jean van der Merwe

Emily Villanueva

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