This space featuring the thoughts, words, and work of local powerhouse, Joanne Roberts.

Joanne Roberts is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, writer and actress. She was seen as Juliet in Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) with Theatre Projects Manitoba and continues to work closely with TPM's Artistic Director Ardith Boxall for Creative Manitoba's Mentorship Program. 

This past year Joanne has been busy, amidst the year that was 2020 (including mentoring with our Artistic Director, Ardith Boxall through the Creative Manitoba Mentorship Program). She will be writing a blog series talking about her lived experience as an artist making 2020 work for her! Keep reading on, and be sure to follow her on all the socials to keep up-to-date with this stellar creative! 

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Blog #1 

A year ago, I was an actor. Now, 365-ish days later and a whole other world apart, I think I’m something else. You can read the whole blog here.

Blog #2 

I would put on the Juliet dresses and look at myself in the mirror. Having this literally be my dream role since I saw a live performance in 2005, I thought I’d have a reaction that was very different to the one I was actually having. You can read the whole blog here.

Blog #3

I turned thirty. Ahhhhhh, I'm thirty. And thriving. Everyone told me I should have taken the day off to celebrate. I disagreed. You can read the whole blog here.

Blog #4

Right about now, I’m thinking a bad word. That starts with the letter F. What proceeded was my worst nightmare: being handed a piece of paper with English AND FRENCH WORDS that were divided into lines and told to “just freestyle it”. And I did. 8 times. You can read the whole blog here.

Blog #5

Three minutes is all it took to change my life. Let me tell you this story as I tell it to my friends. You can read the whole blog here. 

Blog #6

I wanted to share my thoughts and shed light on difficult truths that were affecting people like me. Maybe, if I was loud enough, I could use my voice and give marginalized artists a chance to thrive in this industry, and thrive myself all at the same time. You can read the whole blog here.