Coo coosh by Doug Nepinak

2005/2006 Season

Flyer- Coo-coosh_Page_1Written by Doug Nepinak

Produced in Association with Takawakin Performance Laboratory

Director: Ross McMillan
Assistant Director: Ardith Boxall
Set Designer: Grant Guy
Lighting Designer: Eric Bosse
Stage Manager: Evan R. Klassen
Production Manager: Karyn Kumhyr
Production Design: Grant Guy
Herbie Barnes- Derek
Columpa C. Bobb- Maddy
Cliff Cardinal- Clarence

Sept29-Oct9, 2005 @ Contemporary Dancers Performance Studio

Sometimes you can’t dig a hole deep enough to bury memory, or make sense of sorrow. . .

Maddy has a reputation, the two boys have a shovel, and a chorus of drunken angels debates the obvious. The graveyard on the Spruce River Reservation is a stomping ground for the living and the dead; the softly bleeding heart of it’s community. Coo-coosh is a haunting play, close to the bone; poetry and storytelling from the pen of a remarkable dramatist.


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