The Confessions of Punch and Judy by Tannis Kowalchuk, Ker Wells & Raymond Bobgan

2005/2006 Season

Flyer- Confessions of Punch & Judy_Page_1Created & Performed by Tannis Kowalchuk & Ker Wells

Created & Directed by Raymond Bobgan
Original Design Team: Lighting- Trad A. Burns, Steve Mack Costumes- Holly Holsinger
Winnipeg Team: Lighting- Ruben Saanich

Feb15-19, 2006 @ Contemporary Dancers Studio

A fresh take on these centuries-old sparring partners. Using a grab-bag of physical and emotional weapons, Punch and Judy’s all-night argument spins like a hurricane, across a landscape of love, doubt, violence, erotica, desire, and the nether regions of commitment and intimacy. A performance orgy of dance, song, storytelling, mime, myth, poetry, puppets and even a brilliantly sadistic ventriloquist act.

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