January Salon!

vintage_typewriter_weriter_desk_organizers-rc24a87270f244f44a2bf345a9970fad7_zhiqp_512Come celebrate 2015 and the power of the solo playwright! Having closed the fascinating and powerful White Rabbit Red Rabbit, many of the artists and audience members feel compelled to continue discussing this bold theatrical experiment. We have invited a number of the actors who performed White Rabbit to engage a panel discussion with the audience about the communal experience of this piece. 

We will also have some searing and entertaining pieces in the solo voice genre to celebrate the power of the playwright to incite us with his/her words! Amazeballs!

To top it all off, we will have musical guests BUNNY. Because musicians are rabbits too! R’n’B and the ukulele: it’s an unlikely pairing, but BUNNY pulls it off with humour and style. B-Rabbit and HunnyBunny will put a smile on your face and take you back to a kinder, simpler time… So snap on your slap bands, dig out your favourite scrunchie, and get ready to travel back to the 90s!

Look forward to appearances by Gord Tanner, Kevin Ramberran, Liam Zarillo, Ryan Bjornson, Justin Fry, and many more! Join us Monday, January 26th at Maw’s Eatery, 111 Princess St. Doors are at 6pm, show is 7pm, and the kitchen and bar are open! Admission is free for Season Passholders and by donation for civilians. See you Monday!

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