Never, Never Mind, Kurt Kurt Cobain by Dale Lakevold

1997/1998 Season

Written by Dale Lakevold

Director & Dramaturge: Per Brask
Stage Manager: Maureen Shelley
Designer: Lisa Hancharek


Matthew Moreau: Kurt Cobain
Harry Nelken: Bodo
Kristine Nutting

Apr15-25, 1998 @ The Rehearsal Hall in Portage Place

The playwright has given us a wonderful examination of the musician who became a symbol for many of his generation. This play is about being an artist in the tradition of Lowery, Fitzgerald and Hemingway in the time of Princess Diana, Madonna and Generation X. This is not a documentary, it is a sensitive psychological and spiritual investigation of art and artists, featuring a lyrical script and the music of Cobain’s short life.

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