Studio Series ’92: See Bob Run by Daniel MacIvor & Jesus Does Laundry Too by Sharon Bajer

1992/1993 Season

jesusdoeslaundryJesus Does Laundry Too
Written & Performed by Sharon Bajer
Director: Shawna Dempsey, David Warburton

See Bob Run by Daniel MacIvor
Director: B. Pat Burns
Featuring Lora Schroeder

Nov.10-22, 1992 @ Colin Jackson Theatre

Jesus Does Laundry Too: Using mime, mask and multi-media, Sharon Bajer brings to life the inhabitants of an inner-city laundromat.

See Bob Run: The startling stories of the King, the Queen and the Princess, and of Tamara and Timmy as told by Bob. Join her as she hitch hikes her way across the country towards the water.

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