Ce Weekend La by Rick Skene

1992/1993 Season

Program- Ce Weekend La_Page_1 Written and Directed by Rick Skene

Stage Manager: Wayne Buss!
Assistant Director: Herbie Barnes
Set Design: David Hewlett
Lighting Design: John J. Gilmore
Sound Design: Dave Wallace



Jocelyne: Julia Arkos
Bonnie: Ardith Boxall
Gloria: Michelle Boulet
Lennie: Wayne Ashmore
Tom: Garry Robinson
Raymond: Harry Nelken
Bert: Keith James
Harold: Dave Brown
Harvey: B. Pat Burns
Ann: Ann Baragar
Doris: Cairn Moore
Laurence: Brent Letaine
Charlie: John Bekevac
Marriette: Amy Moore
Marie: Margaret O’Sullivan
Marge: Mauralea Austin

Feb.2-14 , [email protected] Colin Jackson Studio

A bitterly ironic comedy set in the fictional town of St. Therese, Manitoba. Bonnie, the youngest of eight, is getting married and the entire family is coming home for the wedding. Look out!

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