Salon 2 Instagram final


It’s the second salon of the year at The Good Will – Social Club!

THE SHAPE OF THINGS –This Salon is about exploring artistic practice from other communities. Seeing, hearing, differently abled, our imaginations are as powerful as each one of our senses. We are keeping our conversation going- the one that began at Tomorrow’s Child– about how we experinece the world in many different ways. Act 1 will be curated by Debbie Patterson through Sick + Twisted Theatre featuring performances by Debbie, as well as Dan Augusta, Angela Chalmers and Dianna Rasing.

In Act 2 we will return to our exploration of This Land Floods- workshop style, together with our student reps Evan Martin, Reena Jolly, Alistair Wright, Chris Sousa, Emily Solstice, Sarah Jane Flynn and Tanner Manson, accompanied by our guest artist Ila Barker.

This is a free event, open to the public taking place from 7-9:30pm on November 28th! Please, join us.

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