Twisted Shorts by Sharon Bajer, Ken Brand, Brian Drader & Jaik Josephson

2000/2001 Season

Program- Twisted Shorts_Page_1in cooperation with Queer Stages

Molly Mugwump Makes Believe by Sharon Bajer
Director: Margo Charlton
Dramaturg: Valerie Shantz
Sara Constible: Charlotte Witten
Lora Schroeder: Margaret Grier
Gord Tanner: Bill King

Waiting for Mt. Del Fuego by Ken Brand
Director & Dramaturg: Doug Arrell
Richard Hurst: Albert
Gord Tanner: Max
Sara Constible: Frank
Lora Schroeder: Billy

Prok by Brian Drader
Director & Dramaturg: Margo Charlton
Sara Constible: Poet, Terance
Lora Schroeder: Clara Kinsey
Gord Tanner: Mr. X, Max
Richard Hurst: Alfred Kinsey, Albert

The Colour of Vowels by Jaik Josefson
Director: hope McIntyre
Dramaturg: Valerie Shantz
Lora Shcroeder: Arthur Rimbaud
Gord Tanner: ernest Delehaye
Richard Hurst: Paul Verlaine
Sara Constible: Isabelle Rimbaud

SM: Karyn Kumyhr

Nov15-18, 2000 @ Winnipeg Film Group & Video Pool

New works on queer themes by established and emerging Manitoba playwrights.

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