Chautauqua Live!


Chautauqua Live!

If story is the universal language, then food must be the universal currency. Join Josh as he explores the Interlake, the Chautauqua tour, and the stories, performances, food, and people that bring them all together.

Individual Chautauqua projects will premiere between June and November. Keep in the loop with our newsletter so you don’t miss anything!


Joshua Banman

RBC Emerging Artist

Joshua (he/him) is an interdisciplinary storyteller, working with songwriting, acting, film and animation. After a decade working in the corporate sector with a focus on adult education, organizational change management, and software integration, Joshua has returned to the arts full time. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Manitoba where he was a member of The Black Hole Theatre. He is excited to engage with Winnipeg through art, hoping to influence audiences to imagine and think critically about a better future for everyone and how we get there.

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