AltspaceVR Interlake Secrets Gallery

AltspaceVR Interlake Secrets Gallery

Hañwakañ Blaike Whitecloud presents a digital gallery featuring stories from the Interlake’s past online at AltspaceVR. A social platform for virtual reality that can be accessed through VR equipment or with a computer. Explore exhibits on the party past of Winnipeg Beach, the complexity of the Narcisse Snake Pits, and find out about secret Nuclear Fallout Shelters. 

You can also join Hañwakañ for live family-friendly skate jam events throughout the Interlake during Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail’s festival of events. 

Individual Chautauqua projects will premiere between June and November. Keep in the loop with our newsletter so you don’t miss anything!


Hañwakañ Blaike Whitecloud

Hañwakañ (Hañwakañ = ‘Northern Lights’ in Dakhóta) Blaikie Whitecloud is a mixed media storyteller, professional facilitator, strategic planner, and business owner who has called Winnipeg home since the age of five. Active in the business and skateboarding community as a mentor and leader, Hañwakañ even has some skate-sons, as he’s stepped into to be a father figure for youth in need.  As a filmmaker, his work focuses on building identity for urban Indigenous youth. His latest documentary series is about Pow Wows across Canada (Living by the Drum: Canadian Pow Wows), and his current project explores celestial creation stories of Indigenous nations.

As a skateboarder Hañwakañ supports Indigenous youth to strive for their best selves by shirking the stereotypes and prejudices attributed to Indigenous and skateboarding identities. His most recent creation is an instagram guide to all the skateboard parks in Winnipeg (@wpgskateparks), a resource for skaters he always wished he had access to and has now created for the next generation. Hañwakañ is also an active volunteer, especially with 1JustCity, at their overnight emergency warming center. Hañwakañ and his wife co-facilitate workshops on reconciliation, systems change, and generally just have tons of fun together trying to make the world a little bit better


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