Walk&Talk Theatre Company’s END OF THE LINE – Staged Reading

Walk&Talk Theatre Company's - End of the Line - Staged Reading Banner

April 6th, 2022 – 7pm

The West End Cultural Centre – 586 Ellice Ave.

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Theatre Projects Manitoba is very excited to be presenting the staged reading of Walk&Talk Theatre Company‘s End of the Line. This project is a commission for TPM that creators Duncan Cox, Tanner Manson & Ben Townsley have been working on for close to 3 years. They have thoughtfully adapted their creative process to integrate their various artistic practices and many collaborators at different stages of development – the beautiful team can’t wait to share the journey of this process so far to YOU, so soon!

End of the Line is a new musical that explores the stories of 8 beautifully eccentric characters as they navigate a time before, during and after “The Flood”. A timely tale of the world being flooded and finding hope in what can grow anew. A new piece of theatre filled with catchy songs & thoughtful lyrics, bursting at the seam with evocative & hilarious text, and brought to life with innovative staging and choreography. Walk&Talk has been working with 12 of Winnipeg’s greatest theatre-artists & musicians as they’ve developed this work thoughtfully over the last 3 years, now End of the Line and this beautifully talented team is ready for this work to hit the stage.

End of the Line – Staged Reading

Created by Walk&Talk Theatre Company

Playwright: Ben Townsley

Composer/Lyricist: Duncan Cox

Movement Director/Producer: Tanner Manson

Performers: Kamal Chioua, Duncan Cox, Victoria Hill, Montana Lehmann, Hera Nalam, Ben Townsley, Tanner Manson & Jean van der Merwe

Musicians: Josh Bellan, Paul de Gurse, Matt Kozicki & Brendan Thompson

Developed with support from Paul de Gurse & Andraea Sartison.

Development & Public Presentation Supported by the Manitoba Arts Council. End of the Line has received development support from the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.

About Walk&Talk Theatre Company

Walk&Talk is a Manitoba-based, award winning company creating original, multidisciplinary work that engages the heart and the brain through music, movement and writing. Since 2016 they have been blending musical & physical theatre to create whimsical worlds filled with love that connects spectators across generations. They look for innovative ways of creating music and theatre and how they can be integrated in their storytelling. You’ll know them for the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play at Winnipeg Fringe – The Ballad of Johnny Boy, as well as KING and The Headliners (both also finalists for the same award), as well as their co-production with One Trunk Theatre, Blink. 


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