The Fruit Machine by Brian Drader & Sophie and the Wiener Man by Carolyn Gray

1994/1995 Season

Program- Studio Series 95_Page_1Sophie and the Weiner Man by Carolyn Gray
Director: Chris Sigurdson
Assistant Director: Michele Letourneau

Doreen Brownstone as Sophie and Martine Friesen as Nora

The Fruit Machine by Brian Drader
Director: Ann Hodges

Richard Hurst: Psychologist
Arne MacPherson: Daniel
Gene Pyrz: Peter
Christie Wilkes: Mary

Set & Costume Design: Grant Guy
Lighting Design: John Gilmore
Stage Manager: Tamara Mauthe
Rehearsal SM for Sophie: Katie R. East
ASM: Marlene Meaden
Production Coordinator, Cosumes & Props: Emily Drake
Costumes & Props Assistant: Leanne Foley
Production Carpenter: Rudy Wall
Lighting Board Operator: Darren Campbell
Sound Operator: Cheryl Green
Electricians: Arlo C. Bates, Darren Campbell
Carpenters: Carla Schroeder, Arlo C. Bates, Helen Roupp, Tannis Woodland
Slide Photography: Benoit Monchamp

Feb.8-18, 1995 @ Colin Jackson Studio

Sophie and the Weiner Man: The wee hours at a nursing home in the North End. Sophie’s room. She’s dreaming about her weiner man but who’s that shadowy, black-clad figure stealing in? Is it a cat burgler, the grim reaper, or worse. . .a nurses’ aid at the end of her tether. Come see what really goes on behind closed doors at the Alcatraz for the aged.

The Fruit Machine: 1965. The Counter Culture is searching for an identity, the RCMP and the Privy Office are looking for homosexuals, and a young family is looking for their place in a rapidly changing world. . . .1993. A generation separates a young man from the events that tore his family apart, but the past informs the present and time folds in on itself when truth comes home to roost. Darkly funny, emotionally explosive and based on historical fact, The Fruit Machine skillfully weaves the events of two very different times and two very different people into a story about family, government, conversation, love, hate, survival, being gay in the 60s and being a fag in the 90s. Strange times indeed.


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