The Real World? by Michel Tremblay

1994/1995 Season

Program- The Real World_Page_1

Written by Michel Tremblay

Director & Set/Costume Design: Rick Skene
Associate Director: Patricia Hunter
Lighting Design: John J. Gilmore
Stage Manager: Wayne Buss!
Costume & Props: Emily Drake
Madeleine II: Mauralea Austin
Claude: Keith Bridger
Mariette II: Monique Marcker
Madeliene I: Maggie Nagle
Alex II: Gene Pyrz
Mariette I: Lora Schroeder
Alex I: Rob Slade

Nov9-19, 1994 @ Colin Jackson Theatre

The Real World finds Tremblay probing the most controversial of artistic issues. Claude, a young man returns home with his first play, his staged family and actual family experience the inevitable clash between the theatrical world, which lies to tell the truth, and the “real world”, whose veneer of reality hides a thousand half-truths. This play cuts to the heart of Tremblay the artist and turns the spotlight on the innermost workings of the man who has come to personify Canadian theatre.

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