Hot Shorts by Carolyn Gray, Leigh-Anne Kehler, Marsha Knight & Alison MacLean

2001/2002 Season

Flyer- Hot ShortsThe Other St. Valentine’s Day Massacre by Carolyn Gray
Dramaturg: Sharon Bajer

Love and Ashes by Leigh-Anne Kehler

In An Unfinished Basement by Marsha Knight
Dramaturg: Chris Gerrard-Pinker

Sadie Loved to Dance by Alison MacLean
Dramaturg: Kelly Daniels
Directors: Sharon Bajer, Margo Charlton, Kelly Daniels
Designer: Kim Donald-Haverty
Stage Manager: Karla Trujillo-Villon
Sara Constible: Lillian, Margery, Fran, Kate, Jessie
Megan McArton: Elizabeth, Sadie, Evelyn
Grahame Merke: TGH, Graham
Harry Nelken: Sir Arthur, Crandon, George, Phillip

Feb. 14-16 @ Film Group Studios

Staged readings of works-in-progress on an erotic theme from female perspectives. Warm up those chilly Winnipeg nights with some sizzling new works.

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