The Invalids by George Hunka

2002/2003 Season

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Written by George Hunka

Director: Chris Gerrard-Pinker
Stage Manager: Sylvia Fisher
Costume & Prop Design: Barbara Myrvold
Sharon Bajer: Vera Maria
Ross McMillan: Gustav/Maximillian
Chris Sigurdson: Gothard/Shmarr

Oct.30-Nov.10, 2002 @ Colin Jackson Theatre

First produced in Denver, Colorado where it was received as “bizarre, surreally funny” and “uniquely quirky”, this is a play that almost defies description. Inspired by Eastern European theatres and informed by a bleak but hysterical world view, Winnipeg playwright George Hunka has written a sharp, funny, disturbing and occasionally absurd play that deals with some of our best fears and worst hopes.

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