Short Shots (with MAP) by various playwrights

1996/1997 Season

Flyer- Short Shots 97

Sailing Away by Erin Bowie
Whose Game is this Anyway by Gary Jarvis
(ea) by deco dawson
The Coke Can Play by James Kostuchuk
Life in the Movies by Rick McNair
Fill in the Blanks by Deborah O’Neal
Almost Three by Ellen Peterson

Director: Mauralea Austin, Lee J. Campbell
Stage Manager: Wayne Buss!
Lighting Designer: Tim Harding
Sound Design: Dave Wallace


Ray Brickwood
Rea Kavanagh
Wayne Nicklas
Ellen Peterson

Feb27-Mar8, 1997 @ Colin Jackson theatre

Eight short plays written by eight writers. Four actors will perform in all the pieces. The diversity of the material and the demands on the performers guarantee thrills and occasional spills. A co-production with the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.

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