Interlake Winter Warm-Up Workshops!

2020/2021 Season Workshops

This season TPM created free weekly creative workshops (delivered digitally) for Interlake participants to help warm up souls and stay connected through art as temperatures cooled. Winter Warm-Up Workshops from writing to songwriting, to sign painting, to filming were led by some of our amazing Chautauqua artists!    

Why for Interlakers? Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail has meant our artists have been beautifully busy collaborating with the Interlake community and we were inspired to strengthen and foster these connections through the workshops to generate more art and stories to be shared on the Interlake Trail. 

Learn more about Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail!


A Star Is Born: On the Community Stage with Marsha Rasmusen Knight. 

April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2021 over Zoom.

 This four-part workshop will take you through the phases an actor goes through to prepare for opening night and the run of the show, focusing on Fringe and community theatre. From the first read-through to the curtain rising, performers go through a plenitude of preparation. Learn about and gain some basic hands-on experience of warm-ups, enunciation, character and script analysis, memorization and dropped lines, all leading to performing a scene (or monologue) at the end of the workshop. Open to those 60+.


Take It Outside: Sharing Art with Community with Claire Therese Friesen 

April 1 & 8th 2020 over  Zoom 

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, community art is something that is enjoyed and delighted in by all! In this workshop, we will look at examples of public art, and get you started on your own project that you can share with your community. Zines, murals, small acts of kindness, community mapping, and gardening are all examples of the types of art we will explore. Participants will receive a package in the mail with some tools and sparks for your project! No experience necessary!


Storytelling on Highway 6 with Ian Ross

March 2020 over Zoom

This workshop is to bring community members together with playwright Ian Ross to engage with the creation of a new theatre piece for Theatre Projects Manitoba’s Interlake Chautauqua project about Number Six highway in Manitoba. Join in conversation and story sharing about your community, your business, places of interest, your home and your travels on this vital highway to the north and south. Fellow highway traveller and playwright Ian Ross will host this workshop for connection, exchange and community building. “It is a road that I have travelled all of my life to visit my relatives or when I lived on Pinaymootang First Nation or Kinosota on the west side of Lake Manitoba.It is a road of stories and life for me.” From the RM of Rosser to the City of Thompson and all points in between: bring your friends and neighbours and explore the art of storytelling on the theme of this road that we know and love.


Sign Painting and Lettering with Joseph Pilapil

Thursday, Nov 5th 2020 over Zoom 

“This workshop takes you through the methods of how to paint a sign through step-by-step instructions on how to paint a sign. We’ll be going through talking about layout, colour, and what style of lettering to use. We’ll go over 2 lettering styles I enjoy. As well we’ll talk about construction and what paint to use. By the end you’ll have the tools to make a sign yourself. Take lots of notes and ask lots of questions and I hope you get to try these techniques on the next sign or art project.” – Joseph Pilapil 



Writing Into Possibility with Claire Thérèse Friesen

Thursday, Nov 12th & Nov 19th, 2020 over Zoom

“Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone who likes to dabble, we’ve all had moments of staring at a blank screen or an empty canvas waiting (and waiting) for a spark! This two-part workshop is designed to get us out of our heads and into the creative process! Inspired by tools and exercises used in devised theatre, we will work both independently and collaboratively to generate material that will become a springboard for your own artistic practice. This workshop is not just for writers.  It is for all artistic disciplines and levels of experience!” – Claire Thérèse Friesen


Bring Your Song To Life With Daniel Jordan

November 2020 – book a time for a Zoom session

Have some lyrics but no chords? A song with no bridge? A story with no song?!  Let Daniel Jordan of Winnipeg’s Red Moon Road help you (@Jonny_moonbeam). Writer and producer for many songs, Daniel excels at bringing stories to life in song form. A welcoming instructor and collaborator, this is an opportunity to hone your songwriting craft or get your composing feet wet.  For songwriters of any ability/experience. Bring your lyrics or ideas, in whatever state, and through an hour of fun, discover what else is there! – Daniel Jordan



My Perspective On Storytelling From an Indigenous Experience with Ian Ross

Thurs Dec 3rd, 2020 over Zoom

I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar on storytelling given by Robert McKee several years ago.. I’ll always remember him saying, “Our lives are story.” And indeed they are. My intention with this brief sharing of knowledge and experience will be to give you some of what I have lived and learned in the art of telling story. And just like art, we are able to hone our skills if we practice enough. Will you be a great storyteller? I think most people already are in some way, but we can always become better. I will share my perspectives on what I feel are Indigenous ways of telling story and how it functions in our daily lives. I grew up hearing stories and learned to tell them from my father. I hope to pass on some of that experience to you. – Ian Ross 

Filming Tools To Building An Online Presence With Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud

Thurs Dec 10th, 2020  over Zoom

Join an accomplished documentary filmmaker and explore all of the tools used to create video productions and maintain an online internet presence (@wpgskateparks). Witness how a drone is operated, the difference between filming in 1080 & 4K video, how gimbals are changing filmmaking forever and much more. Once you are taken on a tour of all the major hardware tools Hanwakan uses he will then guide you on the best way to promote yourself on the internet, including social media. Want to get as many friends and followers as you can to potentially promote yourself one day? This is the workshop for you!



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