Short Shots ‘98

1997/1998 Season

Short Shots 98 flyerPop by Laurie Block

Just Another Day by Angus Kohm

Graduation Exercise by Margaret Pople

More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows by Ian Ross

Directors: Mariam Bernstein & Wayne Buss!
Stage Manager:Kelly Wilson

Harry Nelken, Jan Skene, Tracey McCorrister, David Fuller

Feb4-14, 1998 @ Colin Jackson Studio

A favourite for dedicated theatre patrons, SS comes back this year with an emphasis on the script. This season the Manitoba Association of Playwrights has commissioned four playwrights to write four twenty minute pieces. Projects and the playwrights are excited to explore the neglected format of the short play. Our four writers this year are Laurie Block, author of The Tomato King, Ian Ross who wrote the PTE hit fareWell, Angus Kohm, the King of the Fringe Festival and author of Bad Girls Jail House, and a veteran of community theatre, Margaret Pople. The theme for all the writers is a significant year of his or her life. Come and celebrate four birthdays in a single evening.

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