Salons 2012/2013

TPM’s Theatre Salon will be a monthly theatre mash-up featuring performances inspired by theatre in translation and exploring Fréchette and de la Chenelière’s respective oeuvres. Our colleagues at Le Théâtre Vice Versa Theatre (TVVT) will present readings of John and Beatrice and Bashir Lazhar in French and we invite you to encounter the plays in their original language. The monthly salons will feature music and performances from la belle province brought to you by an eclectic mix of emerging and established Manitoba artists.


March 2012 Salon 

Our current production, Dionysus In Stony Mountain by Steven Ratzlaff asks a raft of questions about our Justice System and what obligation we owe to others. It also asks the audience to question many of their own moral assumptions about criminalization and incarceration. Dionysus in Stony Mountain runs from March 29 to April 8, 2012, at the Rachel Browne Theatre.
It’s a political play and a provocative subject that the community can engage with both inside the theatre and on the street. So we’re hosting a discussion, Salon-style, down the street from the theatre at the Free Press Café, with the guidance of an expert panel and an outstanding moderator.


November 2012 Salon

Dear ones – the snow is falling, the tinsel is flying and the time it takes to get out your door has increased exponentially due to bundling time!  Yep…December is just around the corner.

We will be treated to readings by local playwrights including a new piece by Angie St. Mars (from the University of Winnipeg) which is sure to become a holiday classic:  Christmas at the Gym. Alix Sobler, whose Secret Annex will be premiering this season at RMTC, will give us a hit of her new play, She’s Not There, featured alongside another emerging playwrights’ work, Megan Andres’ Only Just. Expect to see the talents of directors Heidi Malazdrewich and Meg Fergusson, as well as TPM student rep, Liam Zarillo.  Top it up with the acting superpowers of Heather Thomas, Samantha Walters, Ray Strachan, Liz Whitbread, Naomi Cronk, Lindsay Johnson, Ferron Guerreiro, Brittany Thiessen and TPM’s own student rep, Christina Heather.


December 2012 Salon

A special Holiday Salon featuring the Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir!  An evening of music and theatre as well as the return of the TPM Photo Booth!

As you enter the lobby, you can sing along with your old holiday favourites and later on, learn a few new classics from our favourite choir, such as TPM’s current earworm – Ivan The Backwards Mule!

What else? Our Curtain Raisers will be a series of scenes from Carole Frechette’s Helen’s Necklace and Elisa’s Skin, translated by John Murrell and directed by TPM’s Artistic Director, Ardith Boxall.  The players are a mash of up-and-comers from the University of Winnipeg and some of Winnipeg’s finest professional thespians.  On stage, you’ll see Alicia Johnston, Kevin Gabel, Justin Otto, Jessina Cheffins and Rob McLaughlin!

There will also be a scene from our U of M student reps Thomas Toles & Kevin Ramberran…that’s all we’ll reveal…it’s a mystery made just for you!

And about that Photo Booth…it is going to be so much better than any mall can offer this season.  Why?  Because your photo will be an improv featuring you along with several of the evening’s performers…wowza!  We’ll provide holiday props and bring the creative spark, and you will receive the digital file, so you can send it as a card, print it for your album, or post it on Facebook…or all of the above!


January 2013 Salon

We continue our collaboration with our friends at zone41 theatre after presenting Bruce McManus’ adaptation of Three Sisters together last season. This year, TPM is exploring French Canadian works in translation and zone41 will be at our January Salon with a reading of…   And Slowly Beauty… by Michel Nadeau and translated by Maureen Labonté.

When Mr. Mann wins tickets to Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, he knows he must go – even though he rarely goes to the theatre. In those few precious hours, something unexpected stirs inside of him and his quiet yearning for happiness blossoms.

A love letter to art.

Ava Darrach-Gagnon
Paul Essiembre
Ellen Peterson
Kevin Ramberran
Heather Russell
and Gordon Tanner

Directed by Krista Jackson


February 2013 Salon

This month, we will be exploring what Anglo writers are up to in Quebec. Krista Jackson and Daina Leitold will direct scenes from Greg Kramer’s ISADORA Fabulist! and Michael MacKenzie’s The Baroness and the Pig, respectively. Other participating artists include Arne MacPherson, Spenser Payne, Suzie Martin, Heidi Malazdrewich, Kevin Ramberran, Thomas Toles, Ava Darrach-Gagnon, and more to come!

Award-winning Actor, Director, Playwright, Magician, Author and Illustrator, Greg’s credits cover more than 30 years and well over 140 productions across the country, from a warehouse in Vancouver to the Festival Stage at Stratford. He is currently adapting the sixty Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for the Segal Theatre in Montreal. Previous works include Lies of the Vampyre, Isadora Fabulist and Skateboard Tango. There are three novels and a collection of short stories to his credit, all published by Riverbank, an imprint of Cormorant Books. He also plays a mean jazz piano and can knit. He lives in Montreal.





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